Let the Packing Begin!

I’ve started pulling the gear out and holy crap! There’s a lot of it! My mom’s living room has become the staging area to the packing nightmare.

ImageAt least Sylas was stoked to find new toys and old ones. He especially liked the pink/purple headlamp that he picked out the other night at MEC.


Just a few more days and we’ll be taking off.

A little about this trip:

Sylas, Graham, and I will be loading up the car (well Graham and I will do the loading, Sylas will supervise), and driving east. Our ultimate destination being Gros Morne and L’Anse aux Meadows in Northwestern Newfoundland.

Along the way we’ll be stopping in Shediac, Nova Scotia – the lobster capital of Canada. Followed by a venture into PEI, the smallest province that’s also the biggest exporter of Anne of Green Gables.

Eventually we’ll have to pick up Derek and we’ll head for The Rock after that.

As for the rest… I have no clue, we gotta be back by the morning of the 24th so Graham, Derek and I can go back to work.

The Gang:

Image Image  Image

Graham, Derek, Dina…

… And our fearless leader, Sylas:


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1 Response to Let the Packing Begin!

  1. jules says:

    cant wait to read all the updates! i got a blog now too! it was easy,check it out! thanks 🙂

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