“I go to the ocean!”

So, a little recap from yesterday and the drive in… We left home at 7:30pm and drove straight through the night. The sun started to peak through the little mountains outside Kamouraska, so began our search for breakfast. No such luck until we got to Edmunston, where we discovered an adorable little hippy cafe and a booming farmers market next door. We picked up some groceries and headed off. We made it to Shediac at 4pm and after making dinner, crashed hard.


Sylas went to see the ocean, the plan was to swim, but despite these being the warmest waters north of the Carolinas, “warmest” doesnt necessarily mean “warm”.




After dipping our feet, we decided we would try again in the afternoon, when the sun got brighter.

On to lunch…


Sylas had his first taste of lobster, it’s called a “Lobster Roll” a bun with lettuce, lobster and mayo.


A little touristing followed, we tried the beach again, having too much fun to remember to take pictures. 

Tonight, the campground we’re staying at is having live music, followed by a fireworks display. Hopefully we can get a good night’s sleep before we head down to the Bay of Fundy to walk on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks.


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