Last day in New Brunswick!

Good evening!

Much to report since the last check-in. In only 24 hours, Sylas has learned to roast marshmallows, walked on the ocean floor, took a trip to the past at the New Brunswick railway museum and learned to drive Graham’s car through the trailer park.


 Roasting marshmallows by the fire


 A perfect little poser


 After parting the sea, Sylas walks on the ocean floor




 The coolest cats in the Maritimes


 Railway crane, the only thing strong enough to move Sylas’ big attitude


Staying classy while learning to drive in the trailer park

Tomorrow, we pack up the camp and move on to Prince Edward Islands. We’ve had enough lobster, time for potatoes!

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1 Response to Last day in New Brunswick!

  1. Audrey jonhston says:

    Dina, this is so wonderful. Good job

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