What you missed yesterday, a fox and a lot of rain

Here are the pictures that got left out yesterday because my connection sucked and the rain started. Mostly pictures of the beaches in Prince Edward Island National Park on the North Shore. Sylas loved building sandcastles, then crushing them. He also found it pretty funny walking out a few feet into the water and “falling” into the waves to scare mommy, little rascal.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we went back in the evening to catch the sunset and fly a kite, but no wind.




Today we drove the the North and West coasts of PEI. The forecast had said that the rain would start around 9am, so we woke up at 7, packed up and hit the road by 8, and sure enough, within 5 minutes it started to pour.

We did see this adorable little guy hanging out by the roadImageImageAfter driving and driving and driving, the rain wasn’t letting up, so we grabbed some grub at Sharky’s Seafood right on the harbour. Some greasy PEI potatoes in french fry form and now we’re in a little motel – YAY Free Wifi!

Tomorrow we can sleep in, no need to pack up, and mosey on over to Moncton to pick up Derek as he will be joining us for the rest of our trip through Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec. Can’t wait!

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