Stuck in Sydney

Thursday was a pretty weird day. We packed up in Summerside, and made our way off the Island. After paying the $44.25 exit fee to take the 13km bridge back to New Brunswick, we had some serious time to kill. I finally convinced Graham to let us go to a Starbucks, which happened to have an amusement park right next door – Sylas couldn’t have been more thrilled. 



We were somewhere outside Antigonish when the e-mail came through. Due to sea conditions in the Cabot Straight, our sailing to Port Aux Basques had been cancelled. Cancelled?! How/When are we supposed to get to Newfoundland then? I called Marine Atlantic, and they had no idea what I was talking about. So we continued driving, and kept driving. Just outside of Sydney, we got another e-mail. We were to sail out on Friday morning. 

I frantically called around to find a cheap place to stay. The winds and the rain were coming down hard and I’m too much of a princess to spend a night like that in a tent. Motels were too expensive and most cabins were full. Eventually we got lucky though, a little campground in North Sydney had one cabin left, it was small but we could make it work.


We are now in the waiting area to board the MV Blue Puttees, its running late, as usual we’re told. Hopefully we’ll be able to board soon!

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