Newfoundland is really big!


Wow, the internet is hard to come by out here! Cell phone coverage isn’t easier either.

Sylas rocked the boat on the way over:



We showed up a little late, so we set up camp in the dark and woke up to this:ImageSylas and Graham took advantage of the opportunity to take a walk:


Then it was on towards Gros Morne. We didn’t make it very far into the park before we found this awesome little waterfront. The boys decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go for a swim.


We eventually dried off, and headed to Berry Hill to set up our campsite for the next few nights.

Sunday was our first full day in Gros Morne and we woke up to high winds (50-80km/h), we didnt feel much since we were surrounded by trees that did a great job of cutting the wind for us. Once we got away from the protection though, we sure felt it.

We wandered into town to get our tickets for the Bon Tours boat tour of Western Brook Pond.

The wifi is pretty bad today, so I’ll put more pictures when I can get a better connection. The views of the Pond and the town of Rocky Harbour will be worth the wait 🙂


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