Vikings for a day


Yesterday, we paid a visit to L’Anse Aux Meadows historic site – What an awesome place! From the moment we parked, there was magic in the air


The walk to the village was long but easy with boardwalks taking us all the wayImage


Once there, we heard stories of life in Vinland, and were encouraged to touch as much as possible. Sylas tried on a helmet, it must have weighed at least 15lbs!Image


Jealous of Master Sylas, Derek decided to show off his battle-readinessImage


While Graham chose a more delicate approachImage


Sylas loved the swords, hammers, axes and shields – so many toys for the boys!Image


We walked in and out of the little houses, shed and workshop, it was wonderful.Image

But eventually it was time to go, we waved goodbye to the site and hope to return again.ImageNow we’re back in Gros Morne, our trip home has started. We still have 4 days left in Newfoundland and there will surely be more good times to come!

Stay Tuned!


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2 Responses to Vikings for a day

  1. Craig says:

    Your pictures are awesome!
    (I’m loving every minute of your vacation!)

  2. Marie says:

    looks like you’ve found your Scandanavian roots Derek! You guys are having an amazing adventure…….carry on!

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